RECAMP® - Real Estate Client Agent Marketing Program was designed for the Real Estate and Mortgage professionals who want to set themselves apart, build customer loyalty and generate more referrals and more repeat business.

The patented RECAMP®system, which today, is changing the way top real estate professionals are doing business across the country. It's a comprehensive marketing program that keeps an agent's presence in the minds of their past clients-and as any leading REALTOR® knows, referrals and repeat business are the keys to a long and prosperous career.

RECAMP stems from a genuine desire to make a difference. We want to be able to give something back to the professionals who give referrals and this resulted in the RECAMP® program. Prior to RECAMP®, David was a top REALTOR® himself, and he knew that follow up marketing was one of the most important aspects of service, but one that many REALTORS® don't have the time or resources to fully accomplish.

With the RECAMP® system, their follow up service can now be turned into an exciting and powerful marketing tool. Through the RECAMP® system, select insurance agents are now building their businesses by solidifying relationships for mortgage lenders and REALTORS® with their clients, which in turn is creating life-long clients for the REALTOR®. Mortgage lenders and REALTORS® are now receiving more referrals and repeat business than ever before by partnering with insurance agents that offer RECAMP®. But even more importantly, this system is designed to ensure that your past clients will return to you for all their future real estate needs.

Great things often spring from humble beginnings. David Johnson is living proof. He was just one man with a simple idea of giving something back to his fellow professionals. Today, his idea has grown into a powerful tool that is sowing the seeds of success for insurance professionals, mortgage lenders and REALTORS® throughout the country.

Each RECAMP® client generates, on average, 1 referral per quarter. Of course closing ratios are higher on referrals, but if you only closed 1 referral per year, a $500,000 house, 6% commission is $30,000, split is $15,000, pay your broker and you would receive a significant commission. Repeat this every year... For every client you enroll in the RECAMP® system...

RECAMP® has taken the “Laws of Reciprocity and Marketing” to develop a powerful after the sale 5 year marketing campaign that builds customer loyalty and generates additional business. RECAMP® does the work, costs less and builds your business.

A 5-Year Campaign

Marketing teaches if you are marketing yourself, it takes a minimum of 8 contacts or touches per year that are personal, unique and different to set you apart and get remembered. The average homeowner outgrows their home in 42 months and takes from the 5th to 8th year to move. A 3-year program will have little effect if the homeowner is not even thinking about moving. The next agent that markets them is who comes to mind when they are planning to move. Example: NAR has stated that after 3 years 88% of the home buyers surveyed could not remember the name of the agent they worked with in purchasing their home and only 9% actually used the same agent a second time. Why? Lack of effective personal follow up.

  • 77% of home buyers surveyed were happy with their REALTOR®
  • 74% said they would buy from the same REALTOR® again
  • But only 9% purchased from the same REALTOR® the 2nd time
  • 88% of home buyers surveyed who owned their home for at least 3 years could not remember the name of the agent they worked with to purchase their home.

Source: National Association of Realtors

RECAMP® Provides:

  • Powerful 5-year after the sale marketing campaign.
  • Eight unique Appreciation contacts each year, 41 total over the 5-year campaign.
  • Secure online software system for entering your clients into the program.
  • Email confirmation sent to you each time something is mailed to your client and a monthly report showing all contacts for the month.
  • All handling which includes printing of envelopes with client’s name, address and your return address; mailings; postage; signing of AppreciationKards; inserting your business cards; email notifications; conference calls; and instruction on how to get started.

Interested?  Just make us your preferred hazard insurance provider on all of your escrows and RECAMP® is yours!